Ethics and Sustainability

Hysteria Studios is founded on the belief that there are conscious and better way to make clothing – a path that supports our local community and the earth we call home.

Since 2018,  we’ve had bold goals to create clothes ethical and doing this by setting a new standard in the fashion industry in reconstructing their processes through clean, ethical and innovative practices. Today, we are proud to say that our manufacturing processes decrease our impact while creating positive change in our local communities.

We are constantly finding ways to improve our processes, but sustainability goes beyond just caring for the environment. It involved environmental, economic and social changes which are all taken into consideration to provide a fully sustainable strategy.  

We are constantly advancing our sustainable practices and always always go the extra mile to measure and study how our practices are making an impact. Now, we’d love to share our data driven solutions, our process and our vision with you.

Where are your clothes made?

Maih Porfyriou, CEO and Creative Director of Hysteria Studios, created the brand's vision in 2018 out of a small sewing studio in West End, Brisbane. Maih knew there had to be ways to create ethical and sustainable clothes without harming, but by providing and creating opportunities for others to make beautiful pieces.

Originally, the brand started off as handmade and custom pieces in the small Brisbane studio. As the brand was growing, the work was overloading and she knew it was time to start seeking alternative ways to run the business. 

After tremendous amounts of trial and error with different manufacturers, an Australian based business was found who specialises in offshore manufacturing sites located in Shanghai, China. Working with a local team with an offshore production site has ensured that Hysteria's garments are processed through a range of different industry professionals to provide customers with the most high quality garments. Brisbane based pattern makers and seamstresses are employed to create our samples which are then sent to our offshore sites to produce our goods in small quantities. 

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Australian Manufacturing

Our entire sportswear collection is made and printed in Queensland, Australia. It is rare that streetwear is produced ethically and sustainably but Hysteria wanted to show the world that it can be done. 

Shanghai Manufacturing Site

The Shanghai manufacturing sites are proudly owned and run by a wonderful team in Brisbane, Australia. The Australian office has on-site independent and quality controllers employed specifically to inspect all the sites to ensure all workers are under safe and positive working conditions and environments. The team works with only small, family run manufacturing sites to ensure that they are supporting these families and putting an end to child and slave labour. No staff works overtime in our sites. As a result, our garments are produced slowly which improves the quality of our products and puts an end to cheap products that lack quality and fall apart. 

Our Contribution

- Ensure we continue to use sustainable and ethical practices in our workplace
- Always use recycled materials to create our swing tags, packaging and thank you cards
- Continue to use our local resources to support the local fashion and manufacturing industry in Australia
- Produce in small quantities
- Actively put an end to fast fashion and child and slave labour
- To remain 100% independently Australian designed and owned
- Give back to the community where we can